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We think in generations Innovative, fast and flexible – We take responsibility As a medium-sized company, we react innovatively, quickly and flexibly to the requirements of our customers and the changing markets, as well as to ecological challenges. We take responsibility for the company and for society.

We are passionate about utilising and promoting the commitment, knowledge and experience of our employees in a targeted manner. This fundamental attitude is represented throughout the entire group of companies. We fully embrace the corporate principles developed and proud to present as an extended family

Who We Are

MAKDA GROUP is a family business. Many shareholders in the fourth or fifth generation of the MAKDA family hold the shares in the company. For the owners, it is important that the company management makes the right decisions and operates within the guard rails set by the owning family. The MAKDA Advisory Board currently consists of five members, ALL are from the owning family.

As a "sparring partner" for the management, it discusses issues of importance to the company, such as MAKDA's three strategic fields of action - innovations, digitalization, sustainability. In addition to its advisory and monitoring function, the Advisory Board at MAKDA has decision-making powers in ALL areas.

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